Disposable Face masks and the Environment

This is not good enough

Lots of people have been wearing disposable face masks (because there is a global pandemic going on.) Lots of people are worried about Coronavirus and they don’t want to get infected etc. But what about the Environment; well the whole world has been suffering from Covid-19- and that is about 7,814,274,870 people. ( by the way that number keeps increasing by the second)

The problem is that everyone is focusing on one thing -the Coronavirus. The planet is still at state, animals are still going extinct, litter is still being chucked on the floor etc. it is not good enough. I can understand why hospital staff wear a disposable face mask but not the general public. Some people believe that a disposable face mask is cleaner than a cloth on but they are both the same. If you want there to be no living fish in the ocean anymore or no wildlife around then that is your thought but I want to save planet earth…

And if you do then I advise you to buy a fabric face mask, and look after the planet anyway.

Look after the planet