How to comment properly and sensibly

Recently on my blog i have had alot of spammers and i dont think this is acceptable. If you are commenting on my blog here are some simple rules that you will need to follow.

1) Stick to what the post is actually saying. Don’t change the subject.

2) Don’t show adverts because like number 1 when you show and post an advert, your not sticking to the subject.

3) Don’t write like this: euebudbeude9bw efue diwndiwnsoww d92gr8evfje as i will have no idea what your talking about.

4) Don’t try and sell me things because this blog is not a shop.

5) No rude languge because well it’s rude and I don’t want to hear it.

6) No dating or flirting, this website is not where to find your true love bird.

7) Please don’t copy anybody elses comments, this is your time to share what you have got to say.

8) Don’t form your own clubs this is a place for everyone to share their thoughts.

9) Don’t go overboard on the emojis, if u want to repeat an emoji the maximum is 3 times.

10) Don’t write in all capital letters because it looks like your shouting and it is hard to read.

Last but not least enjoy and happy commenting ?