Last day of Primary school

Yesterday (17/07/2020) was my last day of Primary School.

The day was packed with fun, below is a timetable of what we did.

8:25: Arrived at School

9:50: Played on the computer

10:00 Watched film Holes by Louis Sachar

12:00 Had a very special picnic made by our amazing school cook Mrs Chapman

1:30 Everyone went outside with their chairs and the teachers videoed a leavers assembly

We all said our poems and recieved our memory books and leavers hoodies from Mr Ratcliffe our headteacher

2:15 Afternoon Break, I hung out with my Best friends Lucy and Kizzy

2:20 Water fight, everyone was blasting everyone else with water guns it was really fun

3:15 Upset that we had to end the water fight everyone went home sopping wet

At the leavers assembly there we no parents, which might sound quite odd, but it was because the teachers videoed the assembly and are going to post it on the school website.

I was quite upset leaving Primary School because it is like my home because i have been there for seven years. Luckily we got our leavers hoodies and Memory books so i can remember all the great times i had.

When everything is properly back to normal the teachers said that we have to come back for all the summer fayres and celebrations.

The leavers assembly didn’t take long as currently at the school (including me) were six year 6s. There was only one boy who wasn’t there.

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